Dentistry has come far from just removing and replacing teeth to being a part of patients holistic health care.

oral cavity is the gateway to patients body. oral cavity is a mirror of whats happening inside the patients body. A long standing ulcer might be a simple stress ulcer to a viral infection or a devestating carcinoma hiding beneath.

periodontal diseases have been established to be a cause for cardiac problems. Poor oral hygience/periodontitis  has been seen to cause low birth weight babies.

we at RK DENTAL PRACTICE are a team of superspecialists working in coordination for overall care of our patients.

In house team consists of a periodontist and an endodontist, we have visiting consultants from prosthodontics, orthodo ntics,oral sugery, oral medicine and all specialities of dentistry. All the doctors are chosen after a thorough background check and preferably from good government institutes like PGI chandigarh,AIIMS and good government dental colleges.

Located in sector 15, we are easy to reach and work according to our clients conveniences.

we specialise in dental tourism catering to people travelling to tricity from other continents or from panasia. We provide high quality dental treatments with sophisticated and in line state of art and technology.

we are equipped with all the latest facilities and MICRODENTISTRY is on our cards….from this diwali we will enter the world of microdentistry…

“our mind only  sees what it knows”

our latest addition dental operating microscope allows us to see things king size and perform procedures with utmost accuracy and predictability…

scope is all set to arrive this diwali… 🙂


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