Root canal procedures are often the best way to retain the teeth that have been destroyed by either decay or brocken teeth.endodontists have been trained to do root canals for another 3 years as compared to ge neral dentists. An endodontist uses sophisticated instruments like endomotors, apex locators,rvgs,cbcts to perform root canal procedures to make the procedure painless and more predictable. Microendodotists  are equiped with high end magnification equipments which makes them see the things in enlarged and observe each and every minute details deliver predictable results.


Periodontics deals with management of diseases affecting the gums. Almost all of us have at some stages of life experiences symptoms of gingivitis ie bleeding from gums. Pyorrhoe or pus oozing out of gums is one of the most common diseases which cripples a person in young ages and causes an early loss of teeth and which can later on lead to malnutrition, depression and poor quality of life to decreased life expectancy.


GENERAL DENTISTRY : we cater to all your dental needs from DIGITAL SMILE DESIGNING which include tooth colored fillings to laminates and veneers, braces treatment,major and minor surgeries of jaw bones,dentures,implants…