Teeth Whitening and Bleaching


Do you want a bright, white and radiant smile which brightens up your whole face? RK Dental Practice have huge techniques of bleaching and whitening procedures which help to removes stains and discoloration from teeth and make them whiten and brighten.
We can offer you the best methods of bleaching and whitening your teeth such as laser treatments, which leaves a dazzling and long lasting smile on your face.Now, no need to worry about, Just visit Pooran and Dental Clinic without any hesitation, if you have any of the below problem.


Yellowish Layer Covering

Lack of Confidence in smiling

Ugly Teeth

Rugged Teeth

Bleaching and Whitening helps in getting the perfect look with the white teeth so that you can walk proud with a confident smile.

How exactly RK Dental Practice can help you ?

  • The main idea why bleaching is recommended because it helps remove the stains from both the deep and surface levels. We give you the best professional attention so that you are assured of a smooth procedure.
  • The bleaching techniques which are used help in changing the color of the tooth from 5 to 7 shades giving it a brighter tone.
  • A solution for bleaching has an active ingredient which is usually 10-22 % which helps in giving a better coloration to your teeth. We use the practices in India based in tricity which are also affordable.
  • This is a very easy procedure performed under the cosmetic dentistry experts who care for the results and give you constant feedback.

We’ll restore your awesome smile!

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