Dental Fillings/ Restoration


Dental filling is needed when the portion of the tooth needs to be replaced.

  • Dental caries
    Dental caries or decay to a common man are those black spots on your teeth that you can see or those areas where the food gets stuck.
  • Broken tooth
    Fillings are done to repair a tooth that has been broken because of trauma.
  • Cosmetic fillings
    In case of brown stains like in fluorosis tooth-colored fillings can mask the underlying brown or white stains.
  • Core buildup
    Restoring the part of a tooth that has been removed for root canal treatment is a core buildup.



Damaged Tooth

Missing Teeth

Bad Appearance

Incorrect Jaw Position

A damaged or bad tooth can be real problem and for covering your oral health we provide the right solution.

What RK Dental Practice can do for you ?

  • A tooth that needs restoration is made numb depending on how deep your cavity is.
  • A rubber dam is applied to isolate that tooth from the oral cavity saliva and to prevent chemicals to cause any damage to your tissues.
  • Under a microscope, only the decayed portion is removed conservatively without damaging healthy tissues.
  • The cavity is cleaned and filled as shown
  • A rubber dam is removed and checked for any high points.

We’ll restore your awesome smile!

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