Root canal is a minor surgical procedure. while cleaning the root canal space, the area from where the nerve is removed is just like a minor wound which will take some time to heal. the tooth will give you pain if you try to chew from it right away. Take the medications as prescribed. The wound will heal in 3 to 5 days usually and you will be comfortable to chew from this tooth in about a weeks time. Avoid eating nuts and popcorn that might snap that tooth. You should also get the tooth crowned as soon as possible for a long healthy functional tooth.

Yes you have heard right. In skilled hands and depending on complexity of the root canal it is possible to treat a root canal in single visit. We at tricities first Microscope enabled dental centre are equipped with both skills and equipment to carry out complex root canal treatments in one sitting to save your time and repeated sittings. Most of our Root canal  treatments are single visit or maximum 2 visits.

Endodontists or root canal specialists are equipped with special equipments. Microscope is an indispensible tool to modern day root canal treatment. Root canals are tiny spaces that are as thin as human hairs and are difficult to see with naked eyes.Tooth may have multiple root canals and to identify and treat each one is of utmost importance. Microscope shows a magnified view with increased depth of view, so it gives the clinician best opportunity to see and clean all the nerves, thus increasing the chances of succesful therapy.

It is not always a compulsion to get your wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth are like your third molars which appear between the age of 17 to 25. Sometimes there is a scarcity of space and they grow at different angles causing problems. It can cause food lodgement and difficulty in keeping those areas clean, and can further cause decay in adjacent teeth. If it causes pain in the lower jaw then it is justified to remove it.

Brushing your teeth twice is an amzing practice that you are following. but if your teeth already have tenacious deposit called as calculus or tartar, it has already irritated your gums and caused swelling in gums known as gingivitis or gingival inflamation. Morover there are areas in your teeth where even the brush cannot reach. The tartar accumulated in those areas and it leads to loosening of the gums. This leads to bleeding in the gum areas while brushing. You can always visit the us because we can help you clean the tartar and remove it and then you can maintain a disease free oral cavity  with regular care and prescribe you oral hygiene aids for the same.

First of all scaling removes only external deposits and does not weaken the teeth, so dont be afraid of it. We at tricities best dental clinic offer advanced solution for stains in form of stain blaster in which we use aluminium trihydrate particles in a polisher to polish your teeth and stains effectively and effeciently within  minutes to give you back your confident smile.

There is no specific brand of toothpaste, all of them are good enough and serve the same purpose. They help in cleaning your teeth, all you need is to use the right technique and any paste is equally efficient.

You need not be worried when you come to RK Dental Practice as we have a long list of successful cases and happy patients.
You can visit our clinic and we assure you best procedures free of pain. You can also talk to other people about it to get rid of doubt. You can visit our google business page and read what our esteemed patients had to say about their experience with us.

In case when your baby is yet to grow their teeth, you should wipe the baby’s gums with wet warm cloth. You should do it after every feed. When your baby starts to have teeth then you should also clean them after every feed. Also one instruction is that you should also avoid your baby getting asleep with the bottle. One advice is that you should inculcate the habit in your child to brush their teeth twice a day.

You should apart form inculcating good habits in your child also take them for dental check ups. These check ups include checking for the tooth decays or any kind of gum diseases and malignancies. The dentists has to screen the mouth to diagnose any sort of problems. We go by the philosophy of prevention is better than cure.

The root canal treatment is also called an endodontic treatment. The root canal treatment includes treating the nerves and tissues that surround a tooth. It is a multi step procedure for removing the infected tooth pulp. The main reason why people have a root canal is for patients to get rid of the pain associated with it.

The check up is a very easy going procedure. Before the actual check up a pre session is conducted in which the dentists interacts with the customers. They discuss about patients dental history. After that the dentists conducts a full fledged examination of the patient’s mouth, neck and full mouth. In some cases the dentists and the nurse take a few pictures and X-Rays for the examination.

It depends on the person and the treatments that they are having. Usually a person needs to visit the dental clinic once in 6 months.


As a usual practice it is advised to get all the wisdom teeth removed at once. The oral surgeon you will have will likely suggest you to do it all at once. The reason why it is advised that then in that way you need not get all the teeth removed at different times for the same reason. It saves both the time and the cost for multiple sittings and anaesthesia.


Here are your instructions…

  • The first and the foremost is to keep the pressure applying pressure to the gauge or cotton placed at the site of extraction for half an hour.
  • after half an hour remove the cotton pack with your hand.
  • do not spit to check bleed, this can dislodge the blood clot and induce bleeding, you should swallow your saliva and do not spit for atleast a day.
  • after you remove the cotton pack you are advised to have something cold ie icecream  and to take the pain killer prescribed
  • eat cold soft food for atleat 1 day.
  • take your medicines as prescribed…
  • we wish youa happy healing period
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