It is very important to take care of your teeth in old age. Oral and dental health is also part of well being for adults and senior citizens. We have an experienced and dedicated RK Dental team who take care of adult dental care and geriatric dental problems. Anyone after a certain age can have dental problems. You might have need timely care from an Adult dentist. There are cases when you need to be relieved of pain and get better geriatric dentistry treatment.
There are various problems in the old age which need timely care such as misaligned teeth, pain while biting tooth, loss of tooth. At our clinic we use the best dentistry to your rescue.


Broken Teeth

Dental Cavities

Swollen Gums

Gum Diseases

At RK Dental Practice we take full care of adult and elderly patients who come with a set of dental problems.

What RK Dental Offers For Adults ?

  • We have a panel of experienced dentists who make sure that we provide the best senior dental care with check ups and consultancy
  • We understand that for patients above 65 the problem of tooth decay is common and needs immediate attention.
  • We use the best techniques such as dental implants, orthodontic treatment, root canal and teeth cleaning for adults.
  • RK Dental provides a very holistic environment that is focused towards the healing and recovery of people suffering from dental health problems and need treatment near and in the tricity area.

We’ll restore your awesome smile!

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