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There are many dental problems that we face. Broken teeth, misaligned teeth and crooked teeth can be a distressing reason which might affect your confidence. A damaged tooth can also be a reason for pain in any age. Crowns and bridges are known to be dental caps which cover the alleged broken and damaged tooth. A bridge and a crown is a process which provides with the dental caps and bridge treatment for such conditions.

Besides covering the damaged teeth a permanent dental bridge and a crown bridge implant also helps in the strengthening of the teeth. Crown bridges for teeth help in improving the appearance of the teeth, shape and alignment.


Damaged Tooth

Missing Teeth

Bad Appearance

Incorrect Jaw Position

A damaged or bad tooth can be real problem and for covering your oral health we provide the right solution.

What RK Dental Practice can do for you ?

  • At RK Dental Practice we help you cover the large filling of teeth with crown procedure where the tooth is not remaining. It also helps in the case of any tooth fracture. By providing timely dentist help we can help repair the tooth fracture and let it heal with the cap.
  • A dentist’s can also diagnose the real problem and advise the patient to cover a already existing dental implant. This helps in reducing complication and avoid pain.
  • The only difference between a crown and a bridge is that crown is for one tooth and bridges are fixed for a group of teeth.
  • The procedure can be temporary to cover a damaged tooth or it can also be for the elderly where the crown and the bridge provides lifetime protection or the broken teeth.

We’ll restore your awesome smile!

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