Do you ever wonder how come these models have such a bright sparkling smile with everything just perfect?
Have you heard about the beauty index and the golden proportion?

Do you wish to smile with that confidence?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then you are at the right place.

Dental veneers is the secret to all those perfect smiles that take your breath away.


Tooth Spacing

Discoloured Teeth

Bad Appearance

Incorrect Jaw Position

A damaged or bad tooth can be real problem and for covering your oral health we provide the right solution.

What RK Dental Practice can do for you ?

  • We will schedule a consultation appointment in which we will take some pictures for digital evaluation of your smile and take impressions and work on the models to see what is best for your smile according to golden proportions.
  • In the next visit, we will make a mockup, i.e. we will give you an insight into how you would look if we treat you, its like a test drive for your new smile.
  • Then when you approve of your new smile, we will make the necessary tooth preparation i.e. we will roughen your teeth and establish a finish line on your teeth and then take an impression 
  • We will make temporaries for your teeth till you get your final laminates.
  • In the next visit, we will show you the final veneers and when you are satisfied, we will bond the veneers and give you a smile you always dreamt of.

We’ll restore your awesome smile!

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