• cosmetic composite fillings
  • single visit root canal treatment
  • Delayed and immediate dental implants
  • failed root canal management
  • tooth whitening
  • digital smile design
  • dental veneers/smile designing
  • disimpaction/extraction of wisdom teeth
  • management of gum related diseases

Root canal treatment

Our principal dentist is an endodontist( root canal specialist)

we specialize in root canal treatments, complex root canal systems, calcified canals, management of chronic periapical lesions, management of perforations, open apex management , broken file management and all kind of endodontic issues.


All the treatments are performed under rubber dam isolation and under microscope using cutting edge technique with human expertise.

All the treatment is done in a transparent manner with all discussion with the patient along with transparent access to all patient records to patient 

Most of the intentional root canals are done through very tiny openings in teeth so many times we migh just not prescribe a rown or cap after root canal and thus saving a lot of your money.

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