8 Important things you should know before getting a Dental Implant in chandigarh ??

Dental Implant is one of the most common dental procedure being done wordwide to replace the missing teeth. We would like to address most of the common questions that come to mind when we talk about Dental implants?

1)      What is a dental implant?

2)      What are the different types of dental implants

3)      What are dental implants made of?

4)      When should i get the implant ?/ Timing of implants after extraction of teeth

5)     What procedures are involved  in the whole Implant process

6)      How Painful is getting an implant done?

7)      How many years does an implant last?

8)      Does implant come with a warranty?

9)      Dental implant cost in Chandigarh?

Dental Implant

Also known as 3rd set of Human dentition. Dentist Teeth

 Normal Human being has been given two sets of teeth ie Milk teeth that start coming at the age of 2 years 6 months and last upto age of around 12 years. Then the second set of teeth we get is Permanet teeth which are 32 in number and we get them from age of around 6 years to age of 18 years (on an average)

Human tooth is made up of mineralised and non mineralised structures of which calium and phosphorous are the main components, a human Tooth is prone to 2 kinds of dental disease

1.      Dental decay- Cavities/ Caries

2.      Gum disease- Pyorrhoea

The above said factors are the main cause of loss of teeth.

Another cause that causes tooth loss is trauma/ accidents.

Whatever may be the cause a tooth loss is a psychological functional and financial trauma that comes to us.

So replacement of the loss is of utmost importance.

What if i don’t get that lost tooth replaced.??
Let it be its just a tooth. I still have so many.

Before i answer this question i would like you to see a small animated video-



So we now understood that losing a tooth disturbs the balance of the whole side and makes the other teeth to get tilted into the space that has been created and make other teeth prone to decay.


Loss of proper occlusion has been found to be one of the causes of disturbing the muscle harmony of structures around the face and can lead to headaches migraines in advances tooth loss cases. READ about Full Mouth rehabilitation.

What should i do? How do i get the tooth i lost? What are the options? What is the best time to get the lost tooth replaced?

The first and the foremost question that needs to be answered is what are the diffent options that i have??

1.      Removable prosthesis- That would be my last advice. If you run out of all the possible options then you can take that piece of moulded plastic(denture) and keep it in your mouth in day and in a cup of water ( during night)

2.      Fixed partial denture popularly known as the Bridge

AS the name suggest it is a bridge taking the adjacent teeth lost as the pillars and the artificial tooth joins the pillars and stays suspended between the pillars.



IT is fixed- Ahh thats a relief. No more tensions to remove and clean and keep it safe or fear of loosing it.

Aesthetics- with good quality ceramics and skilled dentist it can do wonders. No one would knew You have a artificial tooth

Function- It restores the chewing efficiency nicely. You can eat almost everything


It needs pillars. – The adjacent teeth have to be prepared( cut down to create space for bridge)

Without any fault of those tiny winy neighbourers they have to be cut/ slaughtered. Which at times can lead to sensivity and additional need of a root canal therapy

Bone loss-  The bone that was meant for tooth which has been lost keeps to resorb and thus creating gap at the junction of artificial teeth and gum. After some time say a 10 year period you will have a gap visible between the bridge and the gums.


Since the teeth are joined you cannot floss between them and it kind of compromises the gum health.

Dental Implant

These are metal posts or frame that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums

Basically it is a replica of a human tooth root which is made in titanium and has grooves as a part of design.

These grooves are designed to make way into the bone and then allow the bone to form between them and get fixed/ anchored into the bone

Implant basically has three parts

a.      Dental implant

b.      Abutment

c.      Crown


It stops the loss of the bone and infact stimulates the bone by transferring the chewing forces to bone.

No need to cut healthy adjacent teeth

IT is made in metal so it does not get cavities. Yes no more cavities (but is still is prone to pyorrhoea if you don’t brush and floss.

Aesthetics- if done properly it gives magical aesthetics/ looks the cap appears to originate from the gums and it is very difficult to distinguish it from a natural tooth.


Cost- It is a bit higher than a bridge but definitely has those more benefits.

Surgery- It involves a surgical phase that can be psychologically difficult for some.

Dental implant types

Can be divided on the basis of connection between implant body and abutment-

External hex implant

Internal hex implant

Conical connection implant

Based on type of bone engaged

Basal implants

Conventional implants

Based on area of origin

Korean implants

Israeli implants

Made in usa


What are dental implants made of?


. The majority of dental implants are made out of commercially pure titanium, which is available in four grades depending upon the amount of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron contained. Titanium is biocompatible and allows the bone to grow and attach to it.

Grade 5 titanium, Titanium 6AL-4V, (signifying the titanium alloy containing 6 percent aluminium and 4 percent vanadium alloy) is slightly harder than CP4 and used in the industry mostly for abutment screws and abutments.

Some Zirconium implants have recently been introduced into the market and have shown promising results. But by large dental implants being uses worldwide are made up of titanium or titanium alloys.

Most modern dental implants also have a textured surface (through etching, anodic oxidation  various media blasting ) to increase the surface area and osseointegration  potential of the implant

When should i get the implant ?

Timing of implants after extraction of teeth

There are different approaches to placement dental implants after tooth extraction.[30] The approaches are:

1.    Immediate post-extraction implant placement.

2.    Delayed immediate post-extraction implant placement (two weeks to three months after extraction).

3.    Late implantation (three months or more after tooth extraction).



What procedures are involved  in the whole Implant process

Diagnosis/ Examination

We will examine the available bone for the implants, we will discuss your medical history to see if we need any special precautions or are you a good candidate for implants, we will take some impressions to obtain study models or make some templates.

Xrays/ scans

WE may take some xrays to see the site of implant for any infections, available bone, any vital structures to be taken care of.

We may need some additional investigations like an OPG OR CBCT scan to investigate further into bone quality and volume and get you the best results.

Implant insertion-

On the day of implant insertion we will numb the area to be implanted, reflect the skin in that area, extract the root piece that needs to be replaced with implant, use that area and make space for implant by using some drills, verify with x rays between the procedure and put and tighten the implant, suture the incision.

In some cases when you have good quality of bone or its a front tooth  we may give you a temporary crown the same day or the next day itself.( single stage protocol)

If we plan a two stage protocol- then we put sutures close the site.

Prescribe you some medicines that will make the healing period comfortable.

We leave the implant undisturbed for around 8 ( lower jaw) to 12 weeks( upper jaw)

Cap On implant( usually takes 1 to 2 weeks)


After 8 to 12 weeks we will take impressions of the implant and get a beautiful customised crown fabricated by a lab and then fix it onto your implant.

dental implant parts

How Painful is getting an implant done?

Have you got a filling done? Or a root canal done. If yes it takes lesser time for an implant surgery than a root canal. And it is painless. Yes its absolutely painless. You will just feel a needle prick, thats it. Nothing more than that.

A re you going to drill into into my jaw? How is that going to be painless?

Human bone doesn’t have that much resistance.

When you are numb the drill under cold saline irrigation would not trouble you.

Impant drill rotates at a speed of 1200 Rpm whereas the air turbine for cavity or caries removal at 200000 rpm.

So its just a psychological fear.

How many years does an implant last?

A lifetime

Provided you care for it. You brush twice a day and floss, follow regular cleaning visits, report to office if food is getting stuck.

An implant is metal so it doesn’t decay…hurray no caries or cavities.

But it does catch the gum disease, so brush and floss and preserve them for a lifetime.

Does implant come with a warranty?

As a doctor i wouldn’t love this question. Warranty is for equipment, electronics.

When there is a supernatural force known as god, how can we give you warranties. Everything on this earth fails. Dont be disheartened, Implant companies do give a warranty that if the body, if at all,  very rarely,the body doesn’t accept the implant, they will replace it by a next size free of cost. Remember implant will be replaced. Lab will again charge for crown and the doctor for surgery. But remember you wanted a tooth and never want the money back. So we will keep trying till you get a tooth.

Dental implant cost in Chandigarh?

I can say it depends on that and that but no lets straightaway giove you a figure.

A dental implant must cost you around  25 to 35 thousand rupees and that will include

1)      Cost of dental implant

2)      Surgical charges of a doctor

3)      Cost of dental impression

4)      Second stage surgery IF needed

5)      Lab cost for crown

6)      Cementation cost of crown


But still it depends on the type of implant, the brand of implant

Usually a conical connection implant is costlier than a internal hex implant

Korean implants are costlier than their israili counterparts

Bigger brands like Nobel biocare and Strauman are on a costlier side.

Any piece of implant done in a good doctors hand s should work well for you.


When  it comes to your own health cost is a secondary factor. But the above mentioned points can help you.

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